Welcome to my "About" page!

I have owned and operated my own business since 1989 and decided in 2005 it was time to venture into the land of online sales.

I have always loved creating things. Everything from crochet to designing house plans. Which leads to the items that we offer on eCrater...

Crochet items that I make with lots of attention. Some of them are patterns that I have either made or usually I have to alter them in some way to get them the way I like. Crocheting for me is a form of relaxation and I really enjoy it!

Hand Tuned "by us" Windchimes:

We make all of our Windchimes ourselves. We use rough cedar for the wood parts and we treat them to protect them from sun and dampness. We use 100% nylon braided cord to hang them it is also UV and outdoor safe. We install rubber grommets to protect the cord from beakage.

Our pipes are made of copper and we precision cut each one to create a specific tone. Then we drill them at the vibrational node and carefully hang each one so as to be struck at the anti node, these last two steps are done to produce the most pleasing sound. For more information on our windchimes please see our listings.

About Me Hmmm....1733 Huh??

We live smack in the middle of this Country. 1733 miles to the east coast and 1733 miles to the west coast. We love living here on the "prairie". Our "little house" was completed in 2001 and we have enjoyed country living ever since.

MISSION STATEMENT:Our goal is to provide "quality" products, most of which are handmade by us. I absolutely vow that I will describe each and every item we list as completely and accurately as is humanly possible.

"A complete description and great communication are the path to a happy customer."

All customers and potential customers should feel free to email us, with any and all questions pertaining to our items for sale. We will answer all emails within 24 hours.

Thank you for visiting my "About" page and please check out the items we have listed! We are looking forward to a rewarding relationship with all our customers.

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Thanks again and have a spectacular day!!!!